Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ashley tisdale sex. S e x sells.

Ashley tisdale sex...

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What is the world coming? Im only 11 years (6th grade) and I think that everyone is growing up to fast. You heard the most popular songs? There all about love and sex. Thats just not right. A song can be a great song, if its something with a strong message on how to be themselves and not allow anyone to put down. Ashley Tisdale, Disney Channel a show, sang something u can look but dont touch. Imagine WuT crazy people are gonna listen Maddie aka Ashley Tisdale from Zack and Cody. Wuz there is also a place in my school on Friday night. thats like a party the night that our skool has occasionally, and (I'm not sure if other skools it) and I saw my friend, a very pretty girl (though I always thought she was acting a bit 'older her) grinding with a guy. CORRECTION! were in 6th grade. THATS 11 YEARS OLD PEOPLE! I was so shocked. I want to talk with her, but I do not know how. were friends, not very close. However, wuts ur opinion about this?
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